Asset & Property Division

California is a community property state. This means that both husband and wife have equal shares in any income or assets gained by the community during marriage. There are many financial issues that might face someone who is going through a divorce, and it is entirely possible that you find yourself in need of advice regarding such issues.

Our family law attorneys draw on years of experience in handling business related issues, including the valuation of:

  • · real estate
  • · professional practices, and
  • · closely held businesses

Clients who face divorce and come to us can also expect advice on the ramifications of:

  • · deductibility of spousal support payments
  • · dependency exceptions
  • · division and transfer of property between spouses, and
  • · allocation of interests in pension and profit sharing plans

Ventura Family Law Center

Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in complex divorce matters involving large assets. When appropriate, we will engage the services of qualified experts for community property appraisals or valuations. A thorough review and analysis of your financial assets and liabilities could result in a reasonable settlement without the necessity of costly, protracted litigation.

Contact us today regarding your difficult family law problems at 805.644-2883, or e-mail us here, and let us know how we can help you.