Custody & Visitation

Determining a child’s custody and visitation schedule can be a challenging issue in any divorce. Parents often disagree as to what their children’s best interests might be. Some parents use custody and visitation as a means to punish the other parent or to try to manipulate the financial aspects of a divorce. This can add to the costs of a dissolution and take an emotional toll on the children and parents alike. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Our strategy at Law Offices of Donna Santo is to work diligently with our clients to try to reach an amicable understanding and practical parenting plan with the other party. We can help you develop a reasonable day-to-day custody schedule and to understand what your rights and responsibilities will be.

We can negotiate with the other party and create an agreeable co-parenting plan. This is critical to any family’s happiness. It gives everyone a chance to understand what is expected of him or her within the new family structure. We can also pursue alternative methods of resolving custody and visitation issues, such as mediation.

Ventura Family Law Center

Our attorneys have many years experience in handling all issues involving custody and visitation, including interstate custody (UCCJEA). Donna Santo takes pride in the communication and service our firm provides to our clients. There is always someone available at our office to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding your case.

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