Domestic Partnerships

Provisions governing California domestic partnerships can be found in the California Family Code. A domestic partnership is established when persons meet certain criteria as specified by the California Family Code.

The domestic partnership can also be terminated under certain conditions. All the conditions are set forth in the California Family Code, and they must be met, or the domestic partnership must be terminated through proceedings in California Superior Court.

Rights and Responsibilities

The California Supreme Court issued a major decision on May 15, 2008, regarding same-sex marriages, which did not invalidate or change any of the California Family Code statutes relating to registered domestic partners. Registered domestic partnerships will continue to be active on California’s Domestic Partnership Registry.

The California Secretary of State will continue to process domestic partnership related filings as permitted by the domestic partnership law. If you have questions about how the California Supreme Court’s decision may apply to your circumstances, you should contact us.

Domestic partnerships are treated just like family law divorces. Whether it’s custody and visitation, spousal or child support, or property division, you are going to want an attorney with experience in dealing with family law issues. At Law Offices of Donna Santo, negotiated settlement is always the method of choice. But sometimes this is not possible, and in your case you might need someone who has experience litigating domestic partnership issues in the courts.

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