Spousal Support

In California, a family law court may consider some marriages to be “long-term”. The court can then be asked to order one spouse to make long-term spousal support payments to the other spouse. The court can also order a woman to make payments to her former husband, while other courts might order no payments at all.

There are many factors taken into consideration when a court calculates the amount and length of spousal support. These factors include the parties’:


  • · length of marriage
  • · prior living standard
  • · incomes
  • · debts
  • · health
  • · ages
  • · education and degrees

Spousal support can affect both spouses’ personal finances after the divorce has been finalized. If you are the payor spouse, the spousal support would be tax-deductible for income tax purposes. The payment would then be taxable to the recipient spouse as “taxable income”.

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