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Facebook and Twitter Can Kill Your Custody Case

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Another good way to mess up your family law case is to not pay attention to what you’re doing with either your Facebook account or your Twitter account.  For instance, say you’re in a child custody battle with your ex.  And you’re trying to prove that you’ve cleaned up your act, and you would make a good custodial parent, because you no longer abuse alcohol and drugs.

Your ex might then argue that this is not true, because just last month you posted a photo on your Facebook account showing a beer in each hand and a joint between your lips.  This is admissible evidence in California family law courts.

Before taking your spouse to court, you might also want to make sure that your children are not posting things on their Facebook or Twitter accounts that could prove embarrassing at the least, or potentially damaging to your family law case.  If you don’t believe it, just check out the survey the ABA (American Bar Association)published where they claim Facebook is the “unrivaled leader” in online divorce evidence.

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