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Legal Representation for Matters Involving Community Property During Divorce

Determining asset and property division is an important part of the divorce process. California is a community property state, which means that there is a general presumption that both spouses are entitled to one half of property acquired together during their marriage.

Unfortunately, asset division during a divorce is not as easy as it might seem. There are many other factors to consider when dividing assets, such as: 

  • Who should get the marital home?
  • What happens to shared debts?
  • How should a property be divided?
  • What do you do if you suspect your spouse has hidden assets?
  • What are the separate property claims of either spouse?
  • How do you trace the separate property or community property claims?

An asset and property division attorney can walk you through this process, answer any questions you might have and assist you with property valuations.

How Are Assets & Property Divided in California?

According to California’s community property laws, both spouses own all assets and debts acquired together during their marriage. If they get divorced, they must divide these assets equally. They can divide these assets by allowing one spouse to buy out the other, selling the assets and dividing the amount equally, or assigning certain assets to each spouse.

Spouses have the option of deciding how to divide these assets as equally as possible, or they can go to court to seek assistance from a judge.

When it comes to property, spouses will need to determine which property can be divided. Community property can be divided; on the other hand, separate property does not legally have to be shared or divided equally.

Understanding Community vs. Separate Property in Divorce

In California, property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be community property, subject to separate property contributions to the acquisition of the property. Property that is determined to be community property is equally owned by the spouses. Separate property is property that was acquired before the marriage, after the date of separation, or by gift or inheritance.

Strategies for Fair Property Division in Ventura

The following steps should be considered when you and your spouse decide to divide your property:

  • Determine whether your property is community or separate property
  • Figure out what the value of your community property is
  • Decide what you and your spouse want to do with your community property
  • Decide how to divide your community property
  • If you need assistance, hire an experienced attorney
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How Our Ventura Asset & Property Division Lawyers Can Help

Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in complex divorce matters involving extensive assets. When appropriate, we will engage the services of qualified experts for community property appraisals or valuations. A thorough review and analysis of your financial assets and liabilities could result in a reasonable settlement without the necessity of costly, protracted litigation.

Contact us online or via (805) 222-7818 to book a consultation to discuss your case today. 

An Emphasis on Strong Family Values

Our firm places a strong emphasis on the importance of family values. The balance between maintaining these family values and generating a better future for you and your family is one we strive to achieve with each case. Our values consist of:
  • Holistic Approach

    We aim to resolve conflict so you and your family can move on peacefully. We approach all aspects of a case, including the emotional, financial, and mental components, and advocate with you throughout.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborative divorce can be a great option for spouses looking to share joint custody of their child/children and the court looks favorably on this decision. When possible, we strive to come to a resolution that will benefit both spouses.

  • Children Come First

    We respect the fact that our clients trust us with important life-decisions. We strive to be as understanding and empathetic as we can with you and treat you like we would treat a close family member.

  • Compassionate Legal Services

    We respect the fact that our clients trust us with important life-decisions. We strive to be as understanding and empathetic as we can with you and treat you like we would treat a close family member.

Our Satisfied Clients

Real Stories from Real People
  • “There is no other choice than Michael and Donna!”
    “There is no other choice than Michael and Donna!”
    - Gina G.
  • “He is simply awesome!!!”

    Yay, bro! Michael has been looking out for me on several legal matters, including a car accident case, for several years. He is simply awesome!!!

    - Brian S.
  • “They were there for me from the beginning to the end”
    “They were there for me from the beginning to the end”
    - Lawrence J.
  • “I highly recommend them.”
    I knew from the moment I walked into Santos Mehas that I was in good hands. My case was a little unique as we had to get a lot of things done very quickly and that is exactly what Michael and Donna did. PS: Don't let Donnas small stature fool you. She is a force to be reckoned with in the court room. I highly recommend them.
    - Wayne W.
  • “Donna and Michael handled my case with care”
    “Donna and Michael handled my case with care”
    - Laura Q.
  • “During an emotional and stressful trial, she was the voice of calm and reason.”
    “Donna Santo has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She evaluated the case and set a road map towards a realistic goal. Donna continuously deescalated personal issues and conflicts while keeping the focus on the welfare of the child involved.”
    - Eli G.
  • “She and her staff are professional with decades of experience.”

    I recommend Donna Santo and her staff. She and her staff are professional with decades of experience. They understand the law and how family law cases are heard in the courts. I had an extremely complex custody case with dozens of health professionals, collateral contacts, and opinions floating around. There were so many accusations, crisis, and charges; and every one of them felt extremely important to me. My concerns were serious, and the innumerable quantity along with counter accusations overwhelmed the courts. Donna's office was able to sift through and make sense of things to help get things on track. Donna's office took the time to relate this to the courts in a logical digestible manner for the best possible outcome. It took time. I needed to trust. She knows her stuff, and is strong at the right times.

    - Jason
  • “Donna, through her vast experience, was able to give me my financial life back and has made it possible for me to plan for my future.”

    Great family law attorney. I consulted with Donna Santo regarding my complex family law case and was immediately impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and experience. Throughout my case I was given status updates and was able to pick up the phone and contact Donna. I never felt lost during the process. Donna was able to answer all of my questions and respond to all of my concerns. My ex wife went through several attorneys and even was self-represented for a while. Through all of this, Donna stayed the course, went to trial and we prevailed on all issues.

    Because of Donna’s ability to understand real property laws, ours was in another country, complex income tax issues, self-employment and corporation income components, breach of fiduciary duty in my case, we were able to present our well-prepared case to the court.

    Donna, through her vast experience, was able to give me my financial life back and has made it possible for me to plan for my future.

    Needless to say I am pleased with the outcome in my case and highly recommend Donna, and her helpful staff, to anyone needing a professional Family Law attorney in Ventura County.

    - Dan