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Changing Space for Mental Health

Guiding You Through Difficult Times
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Divorce is a huge life change for those involved. The relationship that you have grown accustomed to is ending, and you possibly may no longer be in the home that you worked so hard with your spouse to get. These drastic changes can take a toll on your mental health, making your day-to-day tasks challenging to complete.

While it may seem like it is impossible to get better after a divorce, there are ways to improve your mental health. We here at SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation have tips for improving your mindset after experiencing a life-changing event like divorce.

Accept Your Feelings

Part of the healing process is accepting your feelings as they develop. It is okay to feel angry, confused, or scared of what the future brings. Even if your marriage wasn’t the best, the end of your partnership is still a significant change to get used to. All of your feelings and emotions are valid during a challenging situation such as divorce.

Take a Break

While accepting your feelings is crucial to processing a divorce and improving your mental health, breaks can also help. If you are experiencing strong emotions, you may just need some time for yourself. No one can expect you to be perfect and OK after proceeding through such a life change. For example, you may not be able to put as much effort into your professional work, which is entirely understandable.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

After a separation, it may be easy to simply isolate yourself, especially since the person you spent all of your time with is no longer a regular part of your life. Isolating yourself will only feed into your feelings of loneliness and other emotions. Reach out to your friends or other family members for support if you need it. There are also other resources available, such as support groups or counseling. Surrounding yourself with others will go a long way in improving your mental health.

Think Positively

Cultivating a positive mindset is a lot easier than it sounds. However, just because you went through a divorce, that does not mean your life is over. There are still family traditions and practices that you can participate in; furthermore, you can create new traditions with your loved ones. You can look forward to the new experiences you will have with you and your family.

Take Time for Self-Care

Most importantly, you should take time to care for yourself. There are many ways you can engage with self-care practices, but it should be something that you enjoy doing. The following are self-care activities, but the list is non-exhaustive!

  • Working out is an excellent activity for self-care. Not only are you improving your physical health, but exercise also improves mental health by releasing feel-good chemicals known as endorphins.
  • Think about any new hobbies that you might want to try. Maybe during your marriage, you never had the chance to sign up for the art classes you wanted to. You might want to join an intramural sports team to involve yourself with the community. The potential hobbies you could try are endless.
  • Take a relaxing bath or try a face mask. By taking time for yourself in your own home, you can create a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy time alone.
  • Create a routine that works for you. If you know what you have to do each day, there is less time for you to think about other things in your life. A routine will also provide a sense of normalcy in your life, giving you essential structure.

Create a Safe Space

After your divorce, you may find yourself in a new home, or you could still live in the marital home. Either way, creating a new space or redesigning your old one to where you feel comfortable is critical for your mental health. Don’t force yourself to live with the reminders of what happened in the past. When redecorating your home, think about what makes you happy and how you can cultivate your own safe space.

You’re Not Alone in Ventura

Know that you are never alone in the divorce process. If you are having difficulty processing your life changes, know that our Ventura family law team is here to help. Check out our fantastic legal team at SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation for more information. You can also contact us at (805) 222-7818 for legal assistance today.