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Co-Parenting Successfully Around the Holidays

Guiding You Through Difficult Times
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The holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year for kids. They don’t have to go to school and get to spend their time with family and friends. However, it is stressful as a parent to try and ensure that everything goes without a hitch. Furthermore, if you are divorced, you face additional challenges as a co-parent.

We here at SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation understand the challenges that come with co-parenting. This holiday season should be enjoyable for your family and the kids. Follow our tips and suggestions in the blog below and feel secure knowing that you are co-parenting to your best ability.

1. Check Your Parenting Plan

Before the holiday season fully sets in, take the time to review your co-parenting agreement. You likely already have some type of agreement that delegates how the kids will spend time with their parents during the holidays. The parenting plan can have specifics such as what time and where the kids need to be. However, sometimes changes to the pre-set schedule are necessary. Try your best not to change the plan, but you can have conversations with your ex-spouse if adjustments need to be made. Try to do this well in advance, so both you and your co-parent have time to adjust.

2. Coordinate Gifts

Another essential step for co-parenting successfully during the holidays is to coordinate gifts with your ex-spouse and family members. Trying to compete with one another or outdo the other with gifts will only contribute to feelings of hostility between parents. Furthermore, buying too many gifts will also negatively impact your finances. Have a conversation with your co-parent and decide what gifts are acceptable for your kids. Each parent can disclose what they plan on buying to ensure equitable distribution and no repeat gifts.

3. Have a Conversation With Your Kids

Holidays after a divorce are hard for the kids, especially if they are mature enough to remember old traditions. By having a conversation with your children, you can gauge how they are feeling emotionally. You can let them know that you also have difficulties processing the new situation, demonstrating that they are not alone in the process. During these talks, you can also let your kids know the plan for the holidays and who they can expect to be with at specific times. During the process of co-parenting, your kids must come first.

4. Create New Traditions

While continuing old traditions can bring a sense of comfort, it can also just serve as a reminder of the past. Consider creating new traditions with your children so they have something new and exciting to look forward to. You can do many other activities with your kids that will leave them feeling confident in knowing that family traditions will carry on. A few examples include:

  • Creating new gift-giving routines
  • Spend time with other relatives
  • Make new holiday decorations
  • Go to the kids’ favorite restaurant

This is a non-exhaustive list of potential traditions that you can start with your children. You can also ask the kids what kinds of activities they would be interested in, involving them in your decision-making process.

5. Prepare Time for Yourself

While you are worried about having everything perfect for your kids, you may forget that you will not have them with you the whole holiday. Remember to plan what you will do during the time you have to yourself. Consider spending it with family or friends. Think about other things that you would like to do for yourself, such as seeing a new movie or visiting your favorite coffee shop.

Co-Parenting Assistance in Ventura

SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation understands that co-parenting is a difficult task, especially during the holiday season. We are here to help you through the co-parenting process, whether you need assistance with your spouse or altering a custody agreement. You can contact us at (805) 222-7818 for help today.