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Custody and Visitation Within the Military

Guiding You Through Difficult Times

With America’s war machine seemingly leaving no stones (or countries unturned), we’ve seen a sharp rise in foreign deployments among military service members, especially Reservists.  This has led to much strain on military family ties.  All branches of the armed services have experienced sharp spikes in divorce rates, which since 2000 have risen nearly 40%.  And of course the main sufferers have been the children of the military who are subject to the military laws covering custody and visitation.

Factually, women military members divorce their spouses at more than double the rate of their male counterparts.  When it comes to single parents in the armed forces, the predominant arrangement has been for secondary custody – access or visitation rights – not primary physical custody.  Based on Defense Department regulations, first-term single enlisted parents cannot have custody of a minor child.  So watch out what you wish for if you decide you want to fight for the stars and stripes, while trying to raise a family, and keep it in one piece.

Peace and Blessings!

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