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Mediation And Its Potential Benefits

Guiding You Through Difficult Times
Conflicted husband and wife during divorce mediation

It is not uncommon for individuals to automatically associate divorce with arguments and long, stressful courtroom battles. However, what if there were other, less stressful options for ending a marriage? Enter mediation. Mediation is a process based on negotiating the terms of your divorce, rather than taking all issues directly to court. There are many benefits to this process over traditional litigation.

SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation can help describe the benefits of mediation, helping you weigh your options for the divorce process.

What Does Mediation Entail?

Mediation is an alternative approach to divorce that is based on the ability to negotiate the terms of your divorce with your ex-spouse. For example, you can both discuss what you feel is an appropriate custody arrangement for you and your children. And then a 3rd Party, the mediator, will advise you both about the law and how it applies to your particular circumstances and try to help you reach an agreement. The mediator has no bias in the situation and is able to objectively communicate with all parties in an effort to reach a mutual resolution to all your legal issues..

Due to the emphasis on communication and compromise, not all couples will be able to go through mediation successfully. If you attempt and cannot reach an agreement over the course of your mediation sessions, then both parties will need to hire their own attorneys to represent them as the case ends up going to court. However, if you can put your differences aside and safely communicate, you will experience the benefits provided by mediating.

How Can It Benefit Me?

There are many benefits to mediation when navigating the divorce process. Consider these as you make decisions about how you want to approach your separation.

Saving Your Money

One of the best benefits of mediation is that you will inevitably save money during the process. Litigation is time consuming and expensive. This is due to the fact that court appearances start to rack up over time, which can set you back financially and cause stress to you and your family. By opting for mediation, you can reduce the amount of time and expense you spend during your divorce.

Investing Less Time

On a similar note, traditional litigation-based approaches can take up a lot of time. You will have to go to court and have frequent meetings with your attorney. While mediation will require several sessions to negotiate all the terms of your divorce, it is a much smaller time commitment.

Helping Your Kids

Having your kids go through the litigation process can leave them feeling overwhelmed and upset. Going through a divorce is already a big enough change, but it is possible to make the process easier for them by opting for mediation. While they are not involved in the sessions, you will put their needs first by choosing to communicate and work together with their other parent.

Gaining New Skills

It may be hard for you to see the positives to getting a divorce, but mediation can provide you with new beneficial skills! For example, throughout the process, you will have to learn how to negotiate, listen, and compromise. All of these are traits that you can carry over into co-parenting, making the transition easier for your children.

Avoiding Unnecessary Stress

Litigation can bring about more stress in your life during an already stressful time. If it is at all possible for you to negotiate, you will find that you can alleviate anxiety. This will positively impact your outlook overall, making it a better experience for you and the rest of your family. Furthermore, you will have more control over the outcomes of your divorce, meaning that your fate is not in the hands of the courts.

Find Supportive Attorneys

SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation is here to provide you with the compassionate guidance that you need during your divorce. If you need assistance in preparing for mediation, our team can help. You can contact us at (805) 222-7818 for a consultation.