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Trick or Treat: Halloween After Divorce

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Little children trick or treating on Halloween

While Halloween may not be a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is still a day that children enjoy. They have the opportunity to dress up, have fun, and enjoy candy. However, how should this holiday be approached after a divorce? SANTO MEHAS A Professional Law Corporation can provide divorced parents with tips on how to approach Halloween this year.

Preparing Before the Holiday

Before Halloween arrives, it is important to work as co-parents to plan for the holiday. Decide who will purchase the costume ahead of time as well as who will be responsible for making sure that it is ready for the day. This way, you can reduce any potential for disagreements or confusion.

Agree on a Schedule

You will ultimately have to agree on a schedule for Halloween, as well. For some co-parents, they will be able to tackle this holiday together, trick-or-treating as a family. While this is a great option and demonstrates that you prioritize your children and their needs, it is not always possible for all couples. For some, it is better to divide up the night or switch back and forth from year to year. Regardless, it is important to find the best option and schedule for you and your children.

Remember These Co-Parenting Tips

As you go into Halloween, it is important to remember these tips for successful co-parenting. Always communicate between the necessary parties and plan for events ahead of time. Additionally, remember that your children’s interests should always come first. Maintain a positive attitude and remember that Halloween is meant to be a fun night for your kids.

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